Home Remedies to Indigestion and Constipation

Having indigestion and constipation can be very uncomfortable... They are usually caused by stress, eating late night foods,alcoholic beverages, eating spicy foods, chewing with an open mouth or talking while eating, drugs that contain calcium and some other medications that restrict bowel movements, changes in diet, not drinking enough water, lack of fiber in your... Continue Reading →

My top five protective styles

      Key to retaining length is having good protective styles that hides your ends, make your hair grow, increase volume and also minimize breakage. It is important to practice protective hairstyling, at least to give your hair time to give back to you the results of all the treatment you've been giving to... Continue Reading →

Is this how to manage things?

If you missed last week's story, here's a link to take you back. Today's story is a continuation of  last week's story.. This story is featured from www.paigeway.com.. Stories are featured here, every Sunday. To have your story featured send me an email - myyeka.com@gmail.com Note: This is a true life story and is not in anyway represented... Continue Reading →

Common Friendship Misconceptions

​ Friends always bring out the best in you, its great to have good friends that sticks by no matter the circumstance, here are some of the common friendship misconceptions: 1. Friendship Comes with Obligations: No one is obligated to anyone especially friends.If you have friends who act in an unruely way when you do... Continue Reading →

How I lost 5kg with Intermittent Fasting

I checked my weight last week with one of the project students in my department as I don't have a personal scale in school. My last weigh in was done in April during my easter holiday and I weighed 62kg. It took me Seven months to go from 69kg to 62kg.. I am 5ft 3inches... Continue Reading →

#2 Ayurvedic Beauty plants|The Neem Tree

This is the continuation of the Ayurvedic Beauty plants post I wrote last week. This post was meant to be up last week but I couldn't get around to it because of my busy schedule with school. Disclaimer: I am no medical professional at least not yet,  am just a pharmacist in training . This is not... Continue Reading →

Food For Thought

Here are a collection of quotes I have gathered to keep you motivated Do well to read them all...Thank you Image source Pinterest & Instagram   

Water Day

Drink a cup of water now!.... Water we can't do without Water we can't live without "Everything we do, Everything we need Needs Water* Everything we own, goes through water 70% of the world we are in is Water Life truly revolve and recycles around Water Water a gift from God Have we truly appreciated this... Continue Reading →

 5 Reasons why You Shouldn’t Go Natural & Reasons You Should

     Many people battle with this thoughts; should I go natural or should I not❓, would my hair grow back❓, what if it never grows again❓, What if I can't handle it ❔....My dear calm down❕. First of all, being natural or going natural is in fact a choice that only you can make... Continue Reading →

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