Grow your Natural Hair with these 3 ingredients

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Easy Hiit Workout to Help you Burn fat Fast

         Hello You,  how are you doing?  I'm sure you're great. For those in the U.S you must feel a bit bloated if not a lot from all that thanksgiving food and ya'll didn't save some for me, not nice but I have something  for you guys that will help you loose... Continue Reading →

My Natural Hair Tag|4b hair

    Hey Guys,  sorry for my awkward absence lately been trying to get a hand of this YouTube world. I promise to deliver more.   I did a Natural Hair tag on my channel , please watch the video and let me know what you think..        If you would like to do... Continue Reading →

What are you Thankful For? 

       There is so much to be thankful for this season. A lot has happened this year, so many lives lost to cancer, epidemics, natural disasters, malaria, poverty, social crisis and the rest but you're here alive reading this,  isn't that something to be thankful for?.       You have eyes may not... Continue Reading →

Us Humans: To Whom It May Concern

Dear world, Do you remember the other day when we were talking and you were so into the topic? But I had the problem of not being able to pay attention long enough that I wouldn’t have to ask you to repeat yourself? You dismissed the conversation, telling me you had an errand to run.... Continue Reading →

Never Limit Yourself

         Never limit yourself. Limiting yourself means restricting you from something. It can be good but at the same time bad. Good in the sense that you can limit yourself from things like drinking, spending too much, gossiping, smoking and alot others. Limiting yourself becomes bad when you decide to give up... Continue Reading →

How to use Coffee for your Skin care

We all know coffee as the perfect mega caffeinator and an antioxidant... Most of us take coffee regularly during the day or at nights as the case may be but do we actually use coffee enough?, to its potential I mean. There are different great things coffee can be used for but in this post... Continue Reading →

Wash Day Routine

I always try to keep my wash days simple but no matter how I try it’s always time-consuming. I wash my hair once in a month protective style or not. You might want to ask why I do that, the reason is that I don’t have that much time within a week to do have... Continue Reading →

Hope In The Wilderness

Hey there! Are you lost? Are you hiden? Have you lost hope? Everyone of us have our personal wilderness. The place we go to hide when we feel like all hopes are lost. The very place we get trapped in with no way of getting out. The wilderness I see is a place of hope,... Continue Reading →

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