World Water Day

Drink a cup of water now!….

Water we can’t do without

Water we can’t live without

“Everything we do, Everything we need Needs Water*

Everything we own, goes through water

70% of the world we are in is Water

Life truly revolve and recycles around Water

Water a gift from God

Have we truly appreciated this gift?

Water the omnidissolver..

How Water is formed one cannot truly attain..

Water comes from the sky, it comes from deep beneath the crust..

Water the only tasteless, coloureless and odourless liquid people quest for

Water holds the power to life and death

Water can kill you, it can also give you life

All the great mixtures are great cause of water

Water is great

*Water is pure”

*Water is life!”

Drink a cup of water now, stay healthy and be alive



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