How to get rid of your muffin top without exercise in 3wks

At the end of this post you would be able to get rid of your love handles quick and easy..

I had a serious muffin top problem, really embarrassing to deal with… So I said to myself one day girl! You got to set a goal for yourself to get a flat tummy this year.. I set up my bars and started working. Late 2016 I weighed 69kg , I did my check in last week and am glad to say I weigh 58..I lost 11kg I guess you can imagine the drastic change.. This happened between sept 2016- March 2017…Want to know how I lost 11kg? That’s for another post but if you want personal training its free😋 just Contact

You can get rid of your muffin top by following this easy steps;

  1. Diet- this is really important. You can do the others but if you don’t watch what you eat am sorry to say but you’ll be wasting your time.Learn how to keep a healthy diet
  2. Waist training- With all the Con’s of waist training it still works like mad!…I waist trained for just two weeks along with the other steps and the result was amazing.
  3. Detox- The good old DIY cleansers are mandatory if you want to lose tummy helps you shed away water weight as well as clearing your colons and reducing body fat generally.. I have a special recipe I used that worked for me that I’ll be sharing in another post but you can always contact me by mail and I’ll deliver yours to you (free)…
  4. Wrap it- Shed water weight by using body wrap and a lotion (fat burning lotion or skin firming lotion), you can also try DIY recipes they work as well…I have mine that I used that worked well for me…
  5. Drink lots of water👍👍

Muffin top away❗❗❗❕❕❗❗❗

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    1. Thanks
      I would recommend the no bony “latex” waist trainers
      Its good to wear under clothing and during workout session..
      Because of its latex material it helps produce heat on the skin underneath with the heat you get to sweat more and lose inches gradually.. Its highly effective👍

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