Hope In The Wilderness

Hey there! Are you lost? Are you hiden? Have you lost hope?

                  Everyone of us have our personal wilderness. The place we go to hide when we feel like all hopes are lost. The very place we get trapped in with no way of getting out. The wilderness I see is a place of hope, a place of realization, rehabilitation and a battle ground. Do not let your problems trap you instead use your problem as a fighting force. Take charge of your life, speak into that challenge and work into it cause every challenge is just a stepping stone to attain a greater height… Set life changing goals for yourself, be determined and always persevere.

                 If you fail try, try and try again… A master who has failed is better than an apprentice that hasn’t. From every mistake comes a better knowledge and experience, dont be afraid to make mistakes it all happens to the best of us as they help to shape us to become a better person. All the top great people both alive and late have made use of their past mistakes and failure as a pivot of success.

             There is no problem without a solution.. The solution is just at the conner of your wilderness all you have to do is find your way, dont get lost! There’s always a way when there is no way.. Giving up is never an option, there is a reason why you may be failing it just may be that position or what it is you are searching for is not right for you ,it could be God has placed a greater option for you and you’ll have to fail sometimes to discover your hidden purpose. Take Abraham Lincoln for example he tried so many political positions but was never appointed even got bankrupt and yet he didn’t give up until he was elected to be the president and now he is one of the greatest president that ever ruled, he did great things during his reign..Now let me ask you a question if Abraham Lincoln had given up when he failed numerous number of times would he have been great? I guess the answer is No..Turn that problem into a victory don’t put yourself down for greatness awaits you in the conner of that wilderness.

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