Dear Newly Natural Me: You’re Putting Too Much Product

Dear Newly Natural Me,

Happy wash day! I see you’ve just finished up and have dutifully applied the LCO (liquid-cream-oil) method. Unfortunately, everyone else can see it too. When the product makes your hair look white, you’ve likely put on too much at a time.

You and I know that. We are, after all, the same person. But, you figured it was the only way to be sure, for sure, your hair was really moisturized. Here’s the thing: your freshly washed hair already is moisturized–so moisturized you had to blot away the excess just to get your strands to uptake your C and O.

The purpose of applying leave-in and other hair products after you wash is primarily to “seal” and slow the rate at which the moisture already in your hair evaporates over time. (see: AfrikanHairGod.) There are other benefits as well, such as nutrients and pH balance, but the moisturizing aspect is most effective on dry, not dripping wet hair.

Not only do you not need to slather on product after washing, but also, if you do, you may end up with rapid buildup, which attracts more dirt, which leads to more frequent washing, which can strip and dry your strands, at which point you’ll slather on even more product. And around you go.

Dime size to quarter size to scraping the bottom of the $15 jar you just bought and accusing your girlfriends of skimming your stash (you bet it was Tasha who still hasn’t returned that hair dryer she borrowed!)

Start moderately. After you work in the first application, see if your hair feels like it needs more love, and repeat accordingly. Once you know how much your hair truly needs to thrive, you’ll need less applications, waste less product, save your coins, and save your friendships.

Good talk!


Future You

 Written by °Yeka team contributor- Pursuit of Natural

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4 thoughts on “Dear Newly Natural Me: You’re Putting Too Much Product

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  1. Loving this! I learned the hard way about putting on too much product, walking around with “white cakey stuff” in my ‘fro because I didn’t know better than to mix too much oil with a water-based leave-in plus a cream (and of course, no one will tell you – lol). Always a work in progress. Fun post!

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