30 Day Plank Challenge

Plank! Plank! Plank! We have a challenge here

   I did this challenge and you can do it too. Planks are made to work your core muscles on your stomach, arm and anterior thigh muscles as well leaving your legs, abs and arm toned. So you see it’s an all in one exercise. If you like me who finds it hard to do exercise cause  the moving around can give one headache, try planking. Are you looking for an exercise that can give you a flat tummy without having to do all the different types of an exercises? Well planking is for you. when you start planking dont forget to take a before picture so you will have something to refer to when you’re done and please take it serious. Once you start, you must go on till the finish.

Day 1- regular plank: 15secs ; 

     side plank : 10secs( for each side)

Day 2- regular plank: 30secs 

Day 3- regular plank:350secs;

          side plank: 15secs( for both sides)

Day 4- regular plank: 45secs

Day 5- regular plank: 45secs; 

      side plank:20secs(for both sides)

Day 6- take a break if you like (repeat day 4)

Day 7- regular plank: 30secs; 

       side plank: 25 secs(for both sides)

Day 8- regular plank: 50secs  

side plank : 40 secs( for both sides)

Day 9- plank with leg lifts: 40 secs 

               Knee to elbow plank : 30secs

Day 10- repeat day 3 and 9

Day 11-   side plank for as long as you can exceeding 30secs

Day 12- alternating shoulder tap plank: 35 secs

              Regular plank:  40 secs

Day 13- military plank: 35secs

               Knee to elbow plank: 35 secs

              Side plank : 25 secs(each side)

Day 14- side plank with hip drop:  30 secs(each side)

              Plank with leg lifts: 35secs

Day 15- knee to elbow plank: 35secs(each side)

             Alternating shoulder tap plank: 40 secs

Day 16- rest day

Day 17- regular plank: 60 secs

               Side plank: 20 secs

                Knee to elbow plank: 20 secs

Day 18- military plank: 40 secs

              Alternating shoulder tap plank: 40secs

             Regular plank:  40 secs

Day 19- regular plank: 50secs

              Side plank hip drop: 40secs(each side)

               Plank with leg lift: 30secs

Day 20-military plank:60secs

          Knee to elbow plank: 40secs(each leg)

                 Alternating shoulder tap plank: 25secs

Day 21-regular plank:30secs

                Military plank: 60 secs

                 Side plank : 20 secs( each side)

Day 22- Side plank with hip drop : 40 secs

               Military plank: 40secs

               Plank with leg lift: 20 secs

              Regular plank: 30 secs

 Day 23- repeat day 21 & 22

Day 24- Side plank with hip drop : 35 secs

               Military plank: 35secs

               Plank with leg lift: 20 secs

             Regular plank: 30 secs

Day 25-alternating shoulder tap plank: 35secs

              Side plank with hip drop : 35 secs

               Military plank: 35secs

               Plank with leg lift: 20 secs

Day 26- rest day

Day 27- regular plank: 50 secs

                 Knee to elbow plank: 35 secs( each leg)

                 Military plank: 30 secs

                  Alternating shoulder tap plank: 40 secs

Day 28- repeat day 3, 11 and 25

Day 29-knee to elbow plank: 45secs (each leg)

              Military plank: 60secs

               Side plank: 45secs(each side)

              Plank with leg lift: 45secs

Day 30- plank with leg lift:2mins

          Side plank with hip drop: 60 secs( each side)

              Regular plank : 60secs

            Alternating shoulder tap plank: 60secs

The above 👆 is the challenge drop down.. I added plank variations to increase its difficulty level and to maximize results. Like they say no pain no gain. If you would be doing this challenge leave a comment below stating your 30 day plank challenge goal, feel free to challenge your friends as well. Dont forget to take a picture of your present form so you have something to refer to when the challenge is over.. My challenge goal was to have a flatter, firmer tummy with a slimmer waist and a well toned arm…

These are the plank variations used for the challenge:

Thanks for reading and joining the challenge.. Please like, comment and share..thank you


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