My Love for Nappy Hair

Here are pictures to help change your mind if you feel you can’t look good on natural hair, slay an occasion with natural hair and generally stand out… I love natural hair and I love my hair..Nothing beats this hair texture its unique and highly appraised. You should value your hair and show your hair some tender love and care like I do..Shrinkage it’s nor a problem for me its what I love the most about my hair,the fact that  my hand can stay on my perfectly moisturized hair adoring my strands curl pattern. One of the coolest thing about nappy hair you really dont have to bother much about it’s carriage all you need is a little styling tip and you’re good to go.. Not like in a permed hair that makes one look poor when its un relaxed, stuck in old weavin and braids..With nappy hair there are varieties of ways to carry your hair, I believe you can agree with me as well..

       Am eight months gone in my natural hair journey after doing my big chop in August, 2016..Am glad to say its been great so far and hope for much more to come. I must say I have never regretted going natural not even once..So much love for my hair😁💕💕💕..

This is the face behind for y’all that haven’t seen me😏😁Too much grace✌✌👅

Make up by yours truly – °Yeka


Nappy All The Way


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