Dear Newly Natural Me: Back Away From the Scissors

Dear Newly Natural Me,

Scab hair. What is it? What causes it? I’m still not sure. But I am sure that odd section of hair you keep cutting back, hoping it will grow out differently, is definitely not scab hair!

Think about it. You haven’t seen your natural curl pattern in cough years. How would you know the difference between legit textures and some rogue infiltrator? When in doubt, cut it out?

What you need to do is back away from the scissors and wait for more than two inches to grow out of your head. You’ll find that mixed textures is a thing. A very real and common thing. What you are seeing is a texture that not only shrinks differently (not a lot) but also retains length differently (a lot). Unevenness is part of the package. So, you can trim the hair back but it’ll just outgrow the rest in a few short months.

When your hair ain’t acting right, you want it fixed now. But, patience is key for is naturals. Taking the time to observe and understand how and why your hair performs the way it does is important in identifying any perceived problems in your natural hair journey. It will help keep more hair on your head and help you choose the best course of action to address any missteps.

Sometimes, you need a trim to bring your hair back to life, and other times a good deep conditioning is all it takes. Still other times, you’ll find it’s best to do less, wait, and watch your hair do its thing.


Future You

Written by a °Yeka team contributor

Article credit: Pursuit of Natural


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