10 Must have Natural hair Tools

 There are a couple of staple tool that is mandatory for all naturals to possess. If you really want to progress as a natural these tools or assessories would go a long way in helping you make the journey easier.. Here are the 8 must have Natural Hair tools:

1.Spray Bottle: We all know the natural hair rules (most of us I guess). The one that relates to this tool simply puts ‘hair must be constantly moisturized. Spray bottle can contain water only or a mixture of your conditioner, gel, cream or favorite oil mix or all of them combined. It enables you to add moisture to hair when you want to style and detangle instead of going to the shower just to wet your hair. For those who practice the LoC method (I.e liquid,oil and cream method) know how significant a spray bottle is.

  1. Wide Tooth Comb: This comb is used for Detangling because of its wide teeth it helps minimize hair breakages.

 3. Hair Clamps: This is highly needed as it helps to hold the hair down when working in sections to apply a products or during protective styling process.

  1. Rattail Comb: This rattail comb us used to add parts to styles or separate hair into sections for deep conditioning and styling.

5. Denman Brush: Also for Detangling, it removes knots and tangles from hair. It helps to work products into the hair strands better.


 6. Satin Bonnet/Satin Pillow Sleep: The silk texture slides against the hair without removing moisture from the hair or causing tangling.. It helps to maintain protective styles.

7. Applicator Can: This can holds a blend/mix of your favorite essential oil/oils or growth serum, it administers products directly to the roots and hair follicles.

 8. Shower Caps: Used for protein treatments and deep conditioning… Help to insulate the hair helping the products to penetrate easily.

 9. Hair Spray: When you wear protective styles your hair tends to get dry easily. This helps add lustre and shine to the hair.. It can contain oils or liquid based leave in conditioner.


    10. Hair Bands: Helps to keep hair up while styling or to hold styles like high puff,low puffs and pony tail.


2 thoughts on “10 Must have Natural hair Tools

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  1. Great post! I don’t have a Denman or an application can… these could be life changing purchases lol! Thank you.
    I do have a tangle teezer for curly hair though and I don’t know where I would be without that! 🙌🏾

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