Dealing with sleepless nights

Its 1am in the morning and you still haven’t gotten a night rest, you’re killing your body. The average number of hours one is expected to sleep is at least 5hrs a day ,if you find yourself sleeping less than this then something must be wrong. I have always been a late sleeper my friends called me nocturnal for no reason am still up 2am surfing Google..I for one enjoyed having late nights but I noticed that my days became weary in the sense that was always tired, weak, had less stamina and at any inactivation fell asleep.

Not having enough sleep can really be disturbing, if you having sleepless nights here are a few things you could do to stop that:

  • Clear your thoughts 
  • Unwind
  • Relax
  • Don’t take caffeine
  • Dont take  office work home
  • Stay away from anything that will keep you busy like phone, laptop and even blogging.
  • Be at ease .
  • Dont stress yourself.
  • Dont eat late night foods.
  • Dont watch late night movies especially horrors.
  • Stick to your bedtime.

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    1. Doing gentle yoga poses before bed helps me. I’m a bit of a night owl so I need something to calm and relax me. Also, I try to remember to dim the backlights on my phone & tablet in the evening and shut them both off about an hour before bed. Those lights tend to disrupt my sleep.

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