Dear Newly Natural Me: Enjoy Every Stage

Dear Newly Natural Me,

So, it’s just dawned on you it will be years before you have what’s generally considered to be long hair. You’re stuck with a TWA for who knows how long.

Now you’re binging YouTube videos on how to style short hair–flowers, bows, hoop earrings. None of that is your style. Sponge curls? On 4C hair? Next! Make-up? NEXT!


Take a step back and appreciate what you have now. After nearly a year of wanting to do it, you are finally natural. Your wash days are wash minutes! You can air dry in hours instead of overnight. Your styling routine takes little thought and less effort, when you used to spend over an hour with the curling iron and still look a hot mess. Notice how your facial features are so well framed by that teeny weeny afro. (I sure notice how wide your smile is in these old photos!)

You want what’s next now, but “next” comes faster than you realize. Enjoy hopping in and out of the shower, no need for sections, clips or a hair catcher for your drain. Enjoy that sporty high puff because it gets tougher for you to pull of with longer hair. Enjoy pick out fros that don’t leave hair on the comb. I miss those.

There’s nothing wrong with admiring what others can do with their hair, but don’t let it turn into envy. Enjoy experimenting with your style and technique and discovering new things your own hair can do. Longer hair may mean more styling options but it doesn’t mean easier, so enjoy that pea-sized ball of shed hair because two-hour detangling sessions are coming.

Every stage has its challenges, but there is always something to appreciate, if you stop to think about it. As they say, it’s about the journey, so inhale…and release that lock of hair you’re straining to length-check against your body. You’ve already come a long way. Take a moment to enjoy that.


Future You

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Written by a °Yeka team contributor

Article credit: Pursuit of Natural


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