7 Benefits of Eating Apples for Breakfast

     Apples are antioxidants and possess anti-inflammatory properties. They are regarded as super foods because of their rich nutritional value. Some of this nutrients include ; pectin ,quercetin, boron, Vit. C, phytonutrients amongst many others. Apples are one of the cheapest and readily accessible fruits to find around the world. The unique fact about apples is their numerous species, there are over millions of apple species and a study carried out showed that by eating one specie of apple every day till you die,you still won’t eat all the apple species. Yea, thats how much they are.

      Doctors advice that apples are included in a daily diet because of the essential benefits they add to our health. Outside its nourishing sweetness and flavors, there are numerous benefits of eating apples especially for breakfast. In this post, am going to be sharing with you 7 Benefits of Eating Apples for Breakfast . They are;

#1 . Provides You With Energy to Start Up your Day : Eating an apple before a morning workout will give you a boost of energy better than a cup of caffeinated coffee. Apples can also increase your endurance enabling you to excercise more, better and longer.

#2. Relieve Muscle Tension : Taking a cup of fresh apple juice or just by eating apples in the morning can help to relieve any muscle tension that would have built up due to the activities carried out the previous day or the course of sleeping.

#3. Helps Fight Diseases and Health Problem : Apples have the nutritional make up that makes them possess anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of this properties are beneficial for preventing Cardiovascular diseases ( by lowering cholesterol levels in the body ), Diabetes ( It regulates blood sugar levels), Asthma, Cholera, and even Cancer.

#4. Controls Body Weight : Apples can fill a person up quickly, they have a low calorie content of approximately 50kcal per serving and as such can be used to control body weight, hence boosting weight loss.

#5. Boosts the Immune System : They are good antioxidant because of the presence of quercetin which can restore and build the natural defenses of the body.

#6. Highly Rich in Fiber : Apples contain fibres both soluble and insoluble. They contain pectin which helps to strengthen the gut, intestinal muscles and promote healthy bowel movements. They also help in detoxifying the system.

#7. Hydrates Skin : By eating apple everyday you’re sure to see a change in your skin, people would ask you the secret to your fresh looking skin. The reason behind this, is the presence of Vitamin C and Copper.

Note: Don’t peel the apple skin before eating , by peeling it you’re reducing the nutritional value of the fruit as most of the fibres and antioxidative nutrients are concentrated more in the skin

Extra Tip :  Studies and Researches carried out have shown that people who have a diet rich in fruits that contain antioxidants like apple are less likely to develop cataracts.

“An Apply A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”

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