Life Is Like A Short Day 

Life is Time, Time is life and soon it will all be over.

Try to take stock of what you have achieved

Refuse to waste even a second out of time with things or people that add no signifance to your life, make every minute significant.

Invest each passing moment in something worthwhile, no matter how little.

Always remind yourself that the way to be nothing is to do nothing , you never know when this life is going to end there is no second Chance so cherish every moment like its your last and do what you want to do tomorrow today cause there is no telling if tomorrow is going to come.

Arthur Godfrey said:  A man is truly poor not when he has nothing but when he does nothing or does something below his potential.

  What is that thing you dream of doing but so scared of its outcome, the only way to find out is to try. You never know it might just be what you needed.

Embrace every mistake

William Conner Magee said: The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.

Henry Ford said : Failure is the opportunity to begin again

Failure is nor a person its an event

Don’t waste time being jealous of any man or their achievements.

       If you want to be great or greater, never personalize failure! Never blame yourself! Accept responsibility for your actions, Life is too short to waste even a minute.

Thanks for reading💕👍


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