What is Your Fitness Goal?

How many of us set fitness goals?

A majority of us do. Even I do so too, but the question is are we doing it right by the goals we set?.

Fitness goals are fitness dreams with deadlines. They are not only reached but maintained. If we have the right mental attitude nothing can stop us from achieving our fitness goal. A goal without a plan is really just a wish.

     It is very important to have a fitness goal, this is were or how you envision or see yourself to be when the results of your fitness strategy starts to kick in. It keeps your mind focused and highly motivated that when you remember “oh yea my goal is to have a flat tummy this year”, with that you work yourself way up to achieve that and already you have a vision of how good it must feel to have that so you end up wanting it more and giving up becomes hard. Most people give up because they forget why they even started in the first place. By this they have lost the focus , zeal and no longer see the clear picture of their desire. 

      There are other factors that can make you give up your fitness goal and one of them is actually not seeing results. I have been there. Fitness coachs tell you consistency,consistency and consistency but how long are your ready to keep doing the same thing (maybe when you hit life’s limit I hope not). It really depends on the effort and how Willing you’re to achieve that goal. There comes the body fact, that is fighting genetics and in this fight it is much difficult to win. How can you change your genetic make-up really by doing some exercises or changing your diet, nah nah its nor possible we shouldn’t think of changing the impossible like you can’t change your bone structure but you can improve its appearance in posture and that’s what you should be aiming at. Only see to improve and not to change. Lol change is constant, but if you change something there is a high possibility it will go back to just the way it was before and that is why surgery will never be an option for me. Right after the surgery you still see yourself doing almost the same thing or even worse just to have your body maintain that look. Like after spending dollars on a surgery, you hope to have a big sigh of relief and there comes genetics playing with your conscience again.

               Its never easy to suddenly change your lifestyle just because you want to look a certain kind of way. I strongly hold this at heart; “Life only comes once so you have to see yourself were or how you want to be now because you don’t get a second Chance “, yea you know dont. So what’s stopping you?, Why are you different from anybody thats doing it and looking great?. First of all you stop you, your psychology and mind. When you change your mindset about your body and only see it as a sculpture that has been completed. Then you act as the sculptor and do the finishing touches. Secondly, you are only different because you are lacking something and what is that?, a goal!. When you have a goal, its like there is a force that drives you and if you keep it at the level it was when you started, believe me you everything will workout just like the workouts.

Keep Believing and Never Give up

Ask yourself what is your Fitness goal? I’d like to know as well in the comment session, dont be shy

My fitness goal is to look good naked, lol yea I said it. I want to be able to look at the mirror and say perfect like the perfectionist I am. Being close to perfection is just like being perfect. 

I would like to know what your fitness goal is?⏬

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4 thoughts on “What is Your Fitness Goal?

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  1. Yeah, really important to have fitness goals. Do you want to gain weight or lose weight? Do you want to bodybuild, be a runner, crossfit, cardio only?
    Beyond the goals, we also want to document everything, so we can track our progress. Document what we eat, the water we drink, the supplements we take, and the exercises we perform. Why? Because the gym is the laboratory. The gym is where you get to try out what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. If something works–stick with it, but realize the body adapts very well (normally 4-6 weeks). So, every 4-6 weeks you have to change something (rest between sets, types of exercises, order of exercises, duration of exercises, etc.). Anyways, great posting!!

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