Me Against All ODDs

       Genetics can really toil with my feelings. 

You keep asking the questions why you inherited the bad genes but you left with no answer, its the law of nature against you.. Standing in front of the mirror you wonder why it will never be perfect. What is the remedy? If magic was real you’d think you can just woop yourself an amazing body. Thats unrealistic, the only realistic solution is going under the knife which is not usually an option to be considered. The only way to fight genetics is to work, work, work and work but yet again genetics will always give you limitations. 

Genetics : (Hahahahahah). 💮Hey you! What do you think you’re trying to do change me? Naa its gonna take more than that my dear but I’ll just have to stop you there.🅾

Someone: oh mehn!😭😭🚹🚹

If you have noticed characteristics you try to change always go back to what they were before just cause you became too comfortable in your new shell and then stopped working. How pathetic you must feel.. You know outside all this,there are the lucky people with the good genes bearing cool characteristics that defines them just well. Well people like us just sit on the sidelines watch and have nothing but dreams.. Dreams that become goals and goals that go unachieved..

However,we are insulted by the society.. They regard us less and focus on those they deemed fit to be perfect.. Well am my own perfection, a working progress and I won’t stop now until I get what I want whether society or genetics like it or not..

ℹJust have to be Persistent and  Determined


➿Me Against All Odds➿

🆘Fitness Journey🆕 🆙



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