The Life Trivia

      ​Many of us live out our life not being aware of ourselves.Now the future we see is like something we expect to be good,living with no hope for tomorrow like a clock without a minute hand  but “your future can only be good If you work on the present and reflect on the past”. I encourage you to take this TRIVIA. Being able to answer this questions gives you a bigger picture of what life expects from you.

Who am I?
What have I become?
What will I become?
What is my dream?
Where does my passion lie?
In five years time what would I have achieved?
What can I do to make life worth living?
 What is my present goal?
Suicide?, That is not an option
How do I achieve these goals and improve my perspective?

    Write down these questions and ponder upon their answers.      Once in a while go through them because it would help you find a purpose and keep focus.


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