3months Versary & 300+ followers

A couples days ago I hit 300 followers and today I have about 339 followers. I cannot express how much happy I am with the way this blog is growing. I am so thankful to you guys my faithful followers, who read my posts, like them and even have the time to comment. Thanks so much, you guys give me the reason to keep going. In respect to this, I would like to do a Q and A post. I can only do that with your questions. You can ask me anything and I will be sure to answer them. Also if you have any post request you can also include that in the comment session. Writing this makes me curious as to what to expect. I dont know if I have enough followers to do a Q/A but its worth the try.

      I am going to share with you guys the progress I made from my MonthVersary

This is for the Month of June, the month isn’t over yet and I have already hit views over 1k.

Once again thanks for the love, dont forget to comment your questions and personal requests.

Y’all go check out this awesome natural hair blogger Pursuit of Natural 

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