How to Stop Being Negative

Negativity is the number one mind killer

Why do we have negative thoughts?

We basically have negative thoughts because the human mind is synched to think. Everything we do or have done is first of all thought on by our conscious or unconscious self.. Negativity comes from ones inability to counter his thoughts as most of us have no control over what we think of, we then create variations of situations pointing down to negativity.. There are ways to stop being negative, you can do this by:

  1. Stop Narrowing your Mind: Yes you have to Stop narrowing your mind!  Do not add bended edges to your thoughts make it plain and straight. Take for instance you thinking;

           ‘I need money’ the next thought should be you thinking of resourceful ways to back up that thought like getting a job or starting up a business or even taking a loan. Now that’s straight but if the thought goes like this ‘Where am I even going to get money from, there’s no way!’ , ‘ I can’t get a job’, ‘why am I poor’ , ‘ I hate my life’. These thoughts can come up or even more worse ones can come if you make your mind narrow… Have a straight mindset and be positive..

       2. Saying the opposite of what you feel: “Oh no I can’t do this (in thoughts)”, “I can do this (voiced out)” .. Counter every negative thought with a voiced opposition.. Try this and you’ll see how better you will feel right after.. “There is power in the tongue”  as the bible says..

       3. Filtering other  peoples thoughts: In this world there are always people who say the wrongest things and put in negative thoughts into your mind. You have the choice to filter their rubbish, like seriously I won’t let no one curse me instead i’ll change it into a blessing that’s the right way..

   ” You won’t be successful in blogging, I advice you quit ” someone might say.. Here’s how i’ll filter it;

“I am already successful, I won’t quit” now that’s positivity, hope and vision which are powerful combined. Saying this you would Also want to make sure that it stands and then you work towards it instead of accepting the persons’ thought that will destroy your mind.

    4. Believe : You are what you believe. What you believe is what works for you. If you believe you will fail then get ready to fail but you believe other wise  success all the way!. Change your believe and perspectives.

 5. Being positive: yes to positivity and no to negative. Always say positive things cancel negative statements with a positive remark..Always give a positive feedback.

      In conclusion dont be depressed, Negativity brings up depression which can be very bad. Nowadays depression kills faster than the deadly viruses. Say good things about people, not all feelings are true or even have to be said. Dont take in bull shits from public voices remember you’re what you believe.

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Thanks for Reading I hope the above works for you

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