#2 Ayurvedic Beauty plants|The Neem Tree

   This is the continuation of the Ayurvedic Beauty plants post I wrote last week. This post was meant to be up last week but I couldn’t get around to it because of my busy schedule with school.

Disclaimer: I am no medical professional at least not yet,  am just a pharmacist in training . This is not a medical advice and should be taken with caution. Always seek medical advice before trying anything.

     Today I want to tell you about the ayurvedic properties of the Neem tree.. The Neem plant is  Antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal. You might as well call it an anti to everything.. My fellow Nigerians would recognize this plant as “Dongoyaro”, It is highly used locally in Nigeria for treatments of so many ailments. I remember when I was little if i was down with malaria and wasn’t responding to treatments by mum would purchase a locally made Neem concussion and before you know it I would be fine. It does heal but the taste was what I never looked forward to. As a child who craved for sweets, taking the bitter concussion my mum put in a lot of effort and oh I was stubborn😄.. Recently when I discovered the plant through a school project study, I decided to experiment with it. I made a paste out of fresh Neem leaves and used it on my face as a mask.. I felt the effect after it dried on my face, the stuff started to kick in. It felts like something was moving round my face at the same time a bit peppery and itchy, I dared not to scratch and I was scared that my face would burn but I still endured for 30 minutes before I washed it off. Even after washing it I still felt like it was still on my face. I endured it and slept, but I tell you the following day my face was glowing, the inflammations I had from period break out had reduced and was starting to dry up. Thats how I fell in love with Neem .

        The Neem plant can be processed into different forms like we have Neem oil, Dried Neem leafs, Neem powder, Neem paste, Neem leaf extracts. It is also used fresh , the Neem tree bark can be boiled to tea or infused in alcohol. These forms can be used in the treatments of different health conditions. There are no known side effects of Neem , Indians as lucky as they are, have been using this plant for thousands of years. The only known effect it has is on pregnant women. Neem is a strong natural contraceptive and is spermicidal, as a result pregnant women should not take the plant. 

   The Ayurvedic properties of  Neem include the following;

  •  It can be used as treatments to various skin conditions: Neem have occasionally been used in the treatments of psoriasis, scabies, head lice,herpes and even eczema. Neem oil is essentially used for this purpose.
  • Neem for Acne treatments- Neem is an antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal plant which makes it useful for the treatment of acne and pimples. It also posseses anti inflammatory property and this helps with redness and irritation.
  •  Neem for Skin : It  reduces dry skin, soothes itchiness, restore balance to the skin, good for pigmentation, prevents skin infections, numbs pain from bites or inflammation and it improves the general skin health and immunity.
  • Neem for hair: Neem can be used on the hair as shampoo, hair oil and deep conditioner. It promotes shiny, healthy hair,combats dryness, prevents premature graying and  hair loss.
  • Neem for Nails: Neem helps restore nails that have been infected by fungi and brittle nails as well.
  • Neem for Oral care: Neem can be uses to treat gum and periodontal diseases.
  • Neem for health : It stimulates the immune system, improves life function, detoxifies the blood and promotes circulation. Its a famous treatment of malaria and diabetes.

Another property of the Neem plant is its use as an insecticides. Instead of the chemical insecticides that are toxic to man. The Neem plants can be used on plants to prevent and control insect infestation and fungal diseases of crops.

      Even as good as this plant is for health, I don’t understand why there aren’t many products synthesized with Neem. Pharmaceutical companies should make use of this plant more, but then with that they would include more chemicals that may block the natural effect of the plant. I guess some herbs should just stay herbs, for they are better in their natural form than when synthesized.

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