Eco Styler Gel-Olive Oil : Yay or Nay

I took the leverage of trying out this curl defining gel to see If the glories it has received is worthy or otherwise.

The Eco styler Gel promises to moisturize the hair and scalp ,tames frizz.. Anti flake, tack and itch also UV protection.

I will give this product a 👍👍thumbs up in terms of the anti itch ,frizz  and tack. For the rest its a Nay, I dont believe its for all hair type as they said. I have a light hair so I dont retain moisture much.. When I used this gel it defined my curls well but I got flakes on my hair like mad. It also left my hair so dry lucky enough for me I was with my spray bottle so when I felt it was dry I sprayed my hair..It also made my hair tangle so detangling process was 😰😨..That’s my experience with the Eco styler Gel- Olive Oil, I look forward to trying out other styling products by Eco to see which is best..Have you tried any you’d like to recommend? Please do⤵⤵

If you can deal with the flakes then you good to go and ready to rock those defined curls..

What’s your experience with the Eco Styler Gel?

Would you give it a Yay or a Nay? Please drop your answers in the comment box⬇⬇ Thanks..


18 thoughts on “Eco Styler Gel-Olive Oil : Yay or Nay

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  1. Eco-Style Olive Oil was a favourite of mine until I discovered the Argan Oil gel which I love just as much! I’ve reached the point where I automatically reach for the Argan Oil so honestly don’t recall why it’s a preference however the Olive Oil is still a great option in my view.

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  2. Well I use the Argan Oil Ecostyler Gel, but mainly to make my styles sleeker. I think when trying to find a product to help with wash and goes or defining ones curls we have to consider the density of our hair and whether it’s thin, coarse or somewhere in the middle. I know some people with thin hair that use Aloe vera gel because its light. And people with coarser hair tend to use products that are heavier. I’m yet to try and do a proper wash and go so I think i’ll try the Argan Oil Ecostyler gel out just to see if it works for me. 🙂

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    1. Yea you’re right
      One has to understand his/her hair to find the right product that’ll work best for wash and go styles
      But then again these products dont specify hair types, they just say for ‘all hair types’ when it only works for selected few

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      1. The argan oil is awesome, it makes my wash and go last up to 5 days with good definintion still and no flaking. If you’re going to use it after applying your conditioner you should take little of both and rub it together on your palm first to know if they are compatible , if they arent you’ll see the flakes ,if they are it’ll be colorless. Oh and its good for edges too if you’re not into edge control. Just tie your edges with a scarf to lay it down after applying.

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      2. That’s awesome, I like the fact that it doesn’t flake and you carry it up to 5 days so less hair manipulation 👍
        I would be adding it to my next shopping list.
        Thanks a lot dr

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