How I lost 5kg with Intermittent Fasting

     I checked my weight last week with one of the project students in my department as I don’t have a personal scale in school. My last weigh in was done in April during my easter holiday and I weighed 62kg. It took me Seven months to go from 69kg to 62kg.. I am 5ft 3inches tall, so I was overweight and had to work the weight down by all means.

   Now my current weight is 57kg and am surprised at how I lost 5kg without doing anything. The past two months has just been hectic for me, with rapping up semester exams and starting a new semester just immediately with no break . So I guess the weight loss was characterized by induced stress and also I was doing an unintentional intermittent fasting. I only found out what it meant recently and how it actually helps people weight. I would go to class without breakfast (am not a breakfast person) and coming back would be by 4pm or latest 6pm on practical days which is like everyday. Before I would woop up something to eat it would by 7pm and sometimes I won’t have anything cooked and just snack on nuts. 

    Basically intermittent fasting is having a period of food intake and have a period of fasting. There is a 16hr|8hr window and 24hr window ( I guess I was doing both). The 16hr was the no eating period, for me it was from 10pm- 4pm and the 8hr was the eating period, mine was just really short I’d only eat within 3hrs. I guess that’s why it really worked. The days I’d only snack on nuts and fluids would be my 24hr window.

          The intermittent fasting does work, from what I studied . The period you don’t eat or are fasting, the body actually uses it to cleanse itself. You will find that you will still have energy cause now the body metabolizes the fats in storage. If you would be trying the intermittent fasting ensure that during the fasting period you take enough fluid to better the detox process.

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