What is Your Vision for Fitness?

What is fitness again?

When you think about the word “fitness”, what comes to mind?

Is it a muscular person with perfect 6-pack abs and a perfect smile lifting weights like it’s not a big deal?

Most people, whether they want to admit or not, have this image in mind when the word “fitness” is mentioned.

Why your mindset sabotages your fitness dreams

We’ve been programmed to believe that fitness is for “certain people”, not us.

As a result, we make excuses:

“I’m not a fitness person.”

“I’m too old.”

“I don’t have time to go to a gym.”

These excuses are keeping us from the fitness potential we were born to achieve.

The problem is that our brains can’t break free of its faulty programming. We still look at a “fit person” with their muscles and say “That is fitness”. Meanwhile, we ignore or downplay our own efforts at fitness.

The end result is the we chase someone’s vision of fitness, not our own.

We need a bigger (and more beautiful) vision of what fitness is

Don’t get me wrong. We still need fitness people with their six-pack abs, perfect teeth, smoothies, etc., but we also need to expand our vision of what fitness truly is.

It’s a lot more than six-pack abs, chiseled arms, and strong legs.

We need to open our eyes and appreciate that the 70-year grandmother who is doing her morning walk, the curvy woman who is taking her first yoga lesson, or the man who can only do 15 modified pushups are also part of the definition of “fitness”…just like the “fit” person on that magazine cover.

All of this is part of the beauty of pursuing fitness. We should celebrate that.

We should not buy into a world where only a small number of the people are “fit” and the rest of us just give up.

Any time spent improving your body’s muscles, nutrition, or cardio is a beautiful thing and contributes to your own personal vision of fitness.

Creating your own personal vision of fitness

This “personal vision of fitness” is the goal of this entire article. I believe that you won’t reach your potential in fitness unless you see yourself, not someone else, achieving your fitness goals. Whether your goals are to fit into a skinnier pairs of jeans or to reach a new personal record in weightlifting, you have to see yourself as a capable of achieving it.

You can actually start building that vision right now.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the word “fitness” again. Now imagine yourself “being fit” and pursuing your fitness goals. If you’re trying to lose weight, imagine stepping on the scale and seeing the lower number. Imagine how it feels to have finally achieve that goal. Imagine how it feels to share that news with family or Facebook (like we all do). Feel the positive vibes of reaching your goal with excellence.

Now open your eyes.

Think of at least one thing that you can do today to move you one step closer to that vision a reality. It doesn’t have to be a big step. It could be as simple as adding an apple to your lunch today or taking the stairs to your car when you leave work.

Once you’ve planned this step, feel free to return to this vision whenever you need it. Return it when you’re ready to do a workout and need motivation. Return it when you feel insecure about your body.

This is your personal vision of fitness. Keep pushing toward it and who knows what you might actually accomplish?






13 thoughts on “What is Your Vision for Fitness?

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  1. 100% agree. I followed a lot of fitness accounts on insta.. it drove me crazy because i used to compare myself all the time and that made me think negatively and probably stressed my body out. I had a “social cleanse” recently unfollowed 2,000 …and i feel so much better for it 🙂 Not more comparing to others – i have my own vision of how i want my bod to look!

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  2. When I hear someone is “fit” the image that comes to my mind is a person running down the stairs from the 4th floor, gets to the ground floor, jumps over the balcony and then slides through the window frame straight into the living room, snatches the tv remote from whoever and then sits on the couch comfortably flipping through stations, all without really catching a breath

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    1. Excellent point! My thing is that most of us let our vision about who a “fit” person is block us from our potential.

      If you are alive, you have the potential to be more fit than you were yesterday.

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