Something Bad Happened to Me


I lost something dear to me, would i say it was a result of my carelessness or something else. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon, i thought we would spend more time together, but I guess I was put to test on my faithfulness and I was found wanting. The way you took all my attention, my mind was constantly wrapped around you. When the day was bad, you were always there to comfort me, how I loved the smiles and beautiful things I would see through you, you made things easy for me, with you I felt like I was all around the world even when I was pacing around in one place,  you were my biggest distraction when i needed to escape from the world and things happening around me,the music you sang to me, the things I learnt from you and the people I reached through you I still long for. You brought out the productive side of me, with you I thought  I could do all things, because somehow you always seem to make it possible. How sad I was when you fell from my hand that cold,lonely, dark night. I thought it was just one of those falls, you constantly used to prank me taking your face off, i’d somehow always know how to fix you back and then we would smile and be happy again after i’d scream at you for such an expensive joke. I didn’t know our ties would be cut short, in that moment I felt like I could fix it once again, but I couldn’t. No matter  how I tried, like a nerve you stopped to function and went to a paralyzed vegetative state, you lost your sense of touch. My biggest regret that night was trying to power you, so we could study that night. If only i’d known how to shut the inquisitive side of me that made want to be with you, if only i haven’t built such a close connection with you then i wouldn’t feel so empty. Now here i am sitting by a desk, staring at a computer with hands fast on the keyboard far away from my room, when i would have been on the comfort of my bed relaying my thoughts through you.

                               ” NOTICE”

My tablet got spoilt two weeks ago and as a result I have been unable to write to you guys and check up on my blog, but am glad that in my absence the blog is still growing.. I apologize for absence here and hope that you understand. I wouldn’t be fixing the tab anytime soon to return to my normal business here, as I don’t have the money i need to fix the tablet, but I would be making use of my school library to blog whenever i get the chance to. In a way some part of me was kinda happy my tablet spoilt because i was much too attached to it that i couldn’t manage my time between using it and my studies. Now am glad i have more time for myself and I can concentrate on preparing for my upcoming semester and professional exams and I make use of my department library more making use of the books to study as i no longer have access to my PDF  textbooks. The most important thing to me right now is passing my professional exam and moving to the next level in my strive to become a pharmacist , with that I need all my time in my studies and by GOD’S grace i will make it. I really miss blogging and most of all reading the amazing posts of my followers and other bloggers I like. I want to say a big thank you for all the support and encouragement I receive from here and every  one of my followers , you guys mean a lot to me. Thank you for reading and following ”myyeka”. I pray we all grow and be as great as we want to be in all our endeavors.

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