Dear Newly Natural Me: One Final Thing

Dear Newly Natural Me, I know you've done the math. I know you know it will take some time to grow your hair out. But, did you know that it takes time to grow your hair out? It takes time to detangle and it takes time to wash. It takes time to dry and time to... Continue Reading →


Dear Newly Natural Me: Back Away From the Scissors

Dear Newly Natural Me, Scab hair. What is it? What causes it? I'm still not sure. But I am sure that odd section of hair you keep cutting back, hoping it will grow out differently, is definitely not scab hair! Think about it. You haven't seen your natural curl pattern in cough years. How would you... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Can’t Nobody Tell You Nothing

Dear Newly Natural Me, Don't shave your head bald. I know it hurts for family to be so constantly disparaging of your choice to go natural, but your hair is not the problem. Getting rid of it will solve nothing. Deep down, you know that. You know it because you've read the testimonies of other... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Enjoy Every Stage

Dear Newly Natural Me, So, it's just dawned on you it will be years before you have what's generally considered to be long hair. You're stuck with a TWA for who knows how long. Now you're binging YouTube videos on how to style short hair--flowers, bows, hoop earrings. None of that is your style. Sponge... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Can You Please Learn to Cornrow?

Dear Newly Natural Me, Can you please learn to cornrow? It will break the space-time continuum, considering your first attempt isn't for another year, but it'll be worth it. In fact, here: watch this tutorial by Breanna Rutter and thank me later. I know what you're thinking. "I just managed to get these flat twists in... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Information Overload is a Thing

Dear Newly Natural Me, Ph balance, cuticles, shed hair versus broken hair, hygral fatigue--girl, if you don't turn off your phone and go to bed you're going to be fatigued all day. You've got one inch of hair and more information than you know what to do with it. I know. You just found this... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Let It (Combs) Go

Dear Newly Natural Me, We need to talk about detangling. You've tried three different shower/detangling/wide-tooth combs now, and all of them snag and break your strands. You're only hanging on to the tool because it's supposed to make the job faster and easier, but you painstakingly inch your way up from the ends, like they said... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural me: Get on those Search & Destroy trims

Dear Newly Natural Me, You may have gotten the impression that search and destroy trims have women out here going cross-eyed examining every single strand of hair on their head for five minutes each. I'm happy to report from the future that has not been my experience. You will typically work in small sections. Smaller.... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Don’t Listen to Evil Kermit

  Dear Newly Natural Me, What's it been,Pinterest ths of amazing growth and length retention since the big chop? Nine months of consistent protective styling, of loving on your fro and nurturing those coils. You know that Evil Kermit meme about straightening your natural hair? He's coming, wielding a flat iron and demanding you show... Continue Reading →

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