How to use Coffee for your Skin care

We all know coffee as the perfect mega caffeinator and an antioxidant... Most of us take coffee regularly during the day or at nights as the case may be but do we actually use coffee enough?, to its potential I mean. There are different great things coffee can be used for but in this post... Continue Reading →


Are they Worth the Hype?

  In this Segment of "are they worth the hype", I would be talking about the famous L.A Girls Pro.concealer based on my personal experience. I am in no way promoting the brand as this post is not sponsored, nor does it contain affiliate links. How would I rate the PRO.concealer - On the scale... Continue Reading →

The Hooded Eyed Girls Guide to Applying Eye Makeup

 How to Cover Hooded Eyes or Drooping Eyelid Do you have Chinese eyes? Do you have natural droopy eye lids?  Yea if you are in this category like me you might be finding it hard to apply makeup to suit your eyes.. I have a good news for you. I am here to help you... Continue Reading →

Ayurvedic Beauty Plants 

One of the cool things about studying pharmacy is how it helps create an awareness for the environment. I see things in different ways now than I used to see them before. From the plants around, to chemical reactions unseen taking place within our body and our surroundings. There is a department in pharmacy called... Continue Reading →

My Facial Skincare Therapy

My facial skincare therapy is always naturally based..I dont like to use Chemically enhanced or processed facial products because i have a really sensitive skin and it can get really bad with using bad products. Like when I purchased a turmeric facial mask I didn't expect my face to get tons of breakouts as I... Continue Reading →

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