What is Your Fitness Goal?

How many of us set fitness goals? Yea a majority of us do. Even I do so too, but the question is are we doing it right by the goals we set?. Fitness goals are fitness dreams with deadlines. They are not only reached but maintained. If we have the right mental attitude nothing can... Continue Reading →

How to be Creative

Any one can be creative you just have to know how to channel the inner mastermind to work. What is creativity? Creativity can be seen as ones ability to bring an idea to life. Simply inventiveness. A single idea can turn into a masterpiece for success. You can become creative by following these tips; Think... Continue Reading →

Life is A Gift and Not A Task

I have a message for you today "Life is a Gift and Not a Task" "If we can see each day as a gift, then will we be grateful and contented with what we have and where we are today , our lives will be devoid of murmurings and complaining"           ... Continue Reading →

The Life Trivia

      ​Many of us live out our life not being aware of ourselves.Now the future we see is like something we expect to be good,living with no hope for tomorrow like a clock without a minute hand  but “your future can only be good If you work on the present and reflect on the... Continue Reading →

How to Stop Being Negative

Negativity is the number one mind killer Why do we have negative thoughts? We basically have negative thoughts because the human mind is synched to think. Everything we do or have done is first of all thought on by our conscious or unconscious self.. Negativity comes from ones inability to counter his thoughts as most... Continue Reading →

Study Session With Yeka – 1

   So am in the library studying pharmaceutical microbiology. Everything was kinda strange but now am beginning to see the clear picture on what exactly pharmaceutical microbiology is all about. To my understanding I think it is use of our knowledge of micro organisms in modern day medicine. The genetic make-up, their interaction with the... Continue Reading →

An Everyday Woman

   The description of woman never seem to surpass this. For me a woman can be described as a   W- wonderful Mother,O- Out standing Friend,  M-Marvelous Daughter, A-Adorable sister, N- Nicest gift to man from God.        The everyday woman possess various qualities that always make her standout exceptionally. When she walks into... Continue Reading →

Lack-olades Hurt Too

While some may think fists are brute and weapons and knives sting like a snake’s bite, there will never be any force more dire than the power of words. I’ll avoid the clichés as much as possible (and I will probably fail), but if there is anything I want you to remember, hear this: You... Continue Reading →

Are you on time?

Time they say is very expensive... People put so much worth on their time but then there's a question to be answered 'Are you on Time?' Really you may have time but you may never be on time. There is time for everything you are told but is there really time for everything? I ask... Continue Reading →

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