Something Bad Happened to Me

I lost something dear to me, would i say it was a result of my carelessness or something else. I didn't expect it to happen so soon, i thought we would spend more time together, but I guess I was put to test on my faithfulness and I was found wanting. The way you took... Continue Reading →


The Life Trivia

​Many of us live out our life not being aware of ourselves.Now the future we see is like something we expect to be good,living with no hope for tomorrow like a clock without a minute hand  but “your future can only be good If you work on the present and reflect on the past”. I encourage... Continue Reading →

Common Friendship Misconceptions

​ Friends always bring out the best in you, its great to have good friends that sticks by no matter the circumstance, here are some of the common friendship misconceptions: 1. Friendship Comes with Obligations: No one is obligated to anyone especially friends.If you have friends who act in an unruely way when you do... Continue Reading →

We did it|400+ Followers

    Yes We did it!. We made it to 400 followers this month. I am very grateful to all of you, for following me, reading my posts and every bit support you give, am very much grateful. I never thought this blog would grow this much, that's why I never set up a goal.... Continue Reading →

The Cramm Blog Award|Yeka

      I got nominated by Fisayo Adeyemi for this award, I am indeed thankful to her.. She has a really cool inspirational blog, I enjoy reading her posts a lot and they hit me right where I need it to. If you looking for a blog to elevate your spirit do check it out here. The Cramm Award... Continue Reading →


  I wrapped up my exams on Wednesday.. Am glad it's finally over now I have time for my myself and you guys.. My exam was a success and I Thank God for seeing me through it..      I decided to structure my posts in such a way you guys would know what to... Continue Reading →

Study Session With Yeka – 1

   So am in the library studying pharmaceutical microbiology. Everything was kinda strange but now am beginning to see the clear picture on what exactly pharmaceutical microbiology is all about. To my understanding I think it is use of our knowledge of micro organisms in modern day medicine. The genetic make-up, their interaction with the... Continue Reading →

Blogversary: What we Achieved in A Month

      I want to say a big thank you to you guys (my readers and followers). I didn't think would  grow thus much within a short period of time, this has made me more committed and to build my consistency here on wordpress.. I was really reluctant to do these monthversary thingy... Continue Reading →

April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

It's April the 1st people! The day of pranks,practical jokes , silliness and skits. Many of us wonder how this day came to be well it started in the 16th century when King Charles IX introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582, the first day of the year was previously celebrated on April 1st but was... Continue Reading →

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