Dear Newly Natural Me: Can You Please Learn to Cornrow?

Dear Newly Natural Me, Can you please learn to cornrow? It will break the space-time continuum, considering your first attempt isn't for another year, but it'll be worth it. In fact, here: watch this tutorial by Breanna Rutter and thank me later. I know what you're thinking. "I just managed to get these flat twists in... Continue Reading →


Is this the cure to Hair loss?

The Ayurvedic properties of ginger cannot be over emphasized. One of the properties of ginger that are at times overlooked is its benefits to the hair. As you have read from the title, you can prevent hair loss with ginger. To do this you only need to infuse ginger into your daily or weekly hair... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Information Overload is a Thing

Dear Newly Natural Me, Ph balance, cuticles, shed hair versus broken hair, hygral fatigue--girl, if you don't turn off your phone and go to bed you're going to be fatigued all day. You've got one inch of hair and more information than you know what to do with it. I know. You just found this... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Let It (Combs) Go

Dear Newly Natural Me, We need to talk about detangling. You've tried three different shower/detangling/wide-tooth combs now, and all of them snag and break your strands. You're only hanging on to the tool because it's supposed to make the job faster and easier, but you painstakingly inch your way up from the ends, like they said... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

We can't stop emphasizing on the importance of keeping your natural hair moisturized (its like the holy grail of naturalist). Natural hair is prone to dryness because of its texture and curl pattern which comes in variations,as no hair type can be the same only you can understand your hair and know exactly how to... Continue Reading →

Meet Shahira Allen|Hair Tag

Meet Shahira Allen from AfroGlory 1. Tell us a little about you? My name is Shahira Allen and I am the woman behind Afro Glory. Afro Glory is a natural hair blog where I enjoy talking about all my hair routines and products in order to keep my hair healthy and to grow! I also like... Continue Reading →

Eco Styler Gel-Olive Oil : Yay or Nay

I took the leverage of trying out this curl defining gel to see If the glories it has received is worthy or otherwise. The Eco styler Gel promises to moisturize the hair and scalp ,tames frizz.. Anti flake, tack and itch also UV protection. I will give this product a 👍👍thumbs up in terms of... Continue Reading →

What happens when you wear a Bun too Long?

It really breaks my heart to say this, I love wearing my natural hair up all the time. Buns are just so perfect when you like having a bad hair day or if you missed a wash day. Days like that which are very common for me I just do buns whichever way I want,... Continue Reading →

My top five protective styles

      Key to retaining length is having good protective styles that hides your ends, make your hair grow, increase volume and also minimize breakage. It is important to practice protective hairstyling, at least to give your hair time to give back to you the results of all the treatment you've been giving to... Continue Reading →

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