Dear Newly Natural Me: Can’t Nobody Tell You Nothing

Dear Newly Natural Me, Don't shave your head bald. I know it hurts for family to be so constantly disparaging of your choice to go natural, but your hair is not the problem. Getting rid of it will solve nothing. Deep down, you know that. You know it because you've read the testimonies of other... Continue Reading →

The search begins within

The Adventures of Murphy and Skootchie

I dream of a world that respects all mankind…
Although that which I seek, I may never find.
Without hatred or intolerance; we simply let each other be.
While we might not understand, we just agree to disagree.
Walking side by side, hand in hand, that’s not what I’d expect…
Just walking through a peaceful world with a mutual respect.
A world devoid of judgement, but not devoid of sin.
If you, too, seek a world as such, you must start your search within.

Brian D. Stout

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It can be hard, and often inconvenient at times, to fulfil and pursue your goals. It also always seems like you will have loads of time to get them done, and yet here we are, five months into the year.

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My Go-To Natural Hair Tips 

Hello beautiful people!

I’m currently doing a natural-hair series so I thought I should start with the basics. I honestly want every single woman or man to shine and embrace their God-given hair – regardless of what it looks like, kinky, curly or coily. To me personally, natural hair is not a trend, it’s a way of embracing my roots. These are tips that have helped me throughout my journey. These are not limited to anything, they are just what worked for me to achieve my length and healthy hair.

1. No shampoos and conditioners with sulphates, parabens or anything that is chemical. Always check the ingredients at the back.

2. Deep condition weekly or bi-weekly. This helps restore moisture in your hair and makes your hair more softer and manageable.

3. Protein treatments. Honestly, I am so inconsistent with these. But I have started using a conditioner…

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Cover Your Hair At Night

Pursuit of Natural


If you get a full night’s sleep (that’s a big If, I know), that’s nearly 3000 hours a year your hair is subjected to friction and stress. It will take its toll and undo all the hard work you put into caring for your hair.

I should know. I never saw any need to wrap my hair with anything. It seemed so extra. Until one night I went to bed on a clean pillow, and the next morning I woke to a horror scene. Broken hairs everywhere. Not just one or two, but all over my pillow case.

That sent me straight to DEFCON 1. I promptly cut up an old shirt and sewed it into a bandana, as if my survival depended on it. By the time I went natural, I was not playing around. Got that mid-sleep sixth sense to tug my wrap back on when it slips off, because these hairs…

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I couldn’t think of a title|Must Read

I'd like to apologize for my absence here. Its been due to my exam preparations. I introduced the Blog exposure Reblogs to keep the blog going at least, I promise to be back with something new and fresh. Plan to structure my blog categories into days, so you know what to expect and when, a YouTube channel... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Enjoy Every Stage

Dear Newly Natural Me, So, it's just dawned on you it will be years before you have what's generally considered to be long hair. You're stuck with a TWA for who knows how long. Now you're binging YouTube videos on how to style short hair--flowers, bows, hoop earrings. None of that is your style. Sponge... Continue Reading →

My DIY Growth Oil recipe

   I am recently on a protective style (faux locs to be precise) and I intend to use it to retain length and grow length as well, cause its great for that.     I browsed through tons of YouTube videos and articles looking for growth oil recipes but none of them had any of... Continue Reading →

Dear Daddy #talktoGod #TTG series 

Fisayo Adeyemi

​Dear Daddy,

I hope you are fine papa? I know I said hello to you earlier but I decided to write to you.. It’s a privilege knowing you will read my letter because who am I really?

I sit sometimes and wonder what I have done to deserve the amazing treatment I get from you, the fast responses to my request.. Tell me daddy.. How do I say Thank you? Remember the day James was out of breath? I had never been so scared in my life.. My only brother? By 2am? Hospitals rejected him because they said the case was too critical and they didn’t want anybody dying in their hospital? Daddy you saw how scared I was… It was just some hours after I returned from my birthday… Was that going to be your birthday gift to me? I thought…

I remember how I ran and carried a…

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