Is this the cure to Hair loss?

    The Ayurvedic properties of ginger cannot be over emphasized. One of the properties of ginger that are at times overlooked is its benefits to the hair. As you have read from the title, you can prevent hair loss with ginger. To do this you only need to infuse ginger into your daily or... Continue Reading →

Natural Hair Tag|Yeka

This week raps up the Hair tag series. It's been great interviewing and getting to know my Naturelle Sisters. To keep the Hair tag going for you guys that would love to do it on your blog. Now anyone can do the Hair tag. Here are the rules: Please it goes for all hair types..... Continue Reading →

Hair Tag|Meet Meza Mtshali

Meet Meza Mtshali from Galelagasetheblog 1. Tell us a little about you? What do you do with your spare time? I dont really have spare time if i do I read alot mainly beauty blogs 2. Are you a natural? How do you feel about your hair Yes am natural and very much in love wit... Continue Reading →

Eco Styler Gel-Olive Oil : Yay or Nay

I took the leverage of trying out this curl defining gel to see If the glories it has received is worthy or otherwise. The Eco styler Gel promises to moisturize the hair and scalp ,tames frizz.. Anti flake, tack and itch also UV protection. I will give this product a 👍👍thumbs up in terms of... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural me: Get on those Search & Destroy trims

Dear Newly Natural Me, You may have gotten the impression that search and destroy trims have women out here going cross-eyed examining every single strand of hair on their head for five minutes each. I'm happy to report from the future that has not been my experience. You will typically work in small sections. Smaller.... Continue Reading →

Hair Tag| Meet Kayrele Sloan

    Hey guys, welcome to another Hair tag. Meet Kayrele Sloan from Many Shades of Beauty. 1. Tell us a little about you? I am from Omaha,Ne but currently reside in the beautiful Mile High - Denver,Co. I love to learn new things! My brain runs a mile a minute & drives me crazy sometimes.... Continue Reading →

#2 Ayurvedic Beauty plants|The Neem Tree

   This is the continuation of the Ayurvedic Beauty plants post I wrote last week. This post was meant to be up last week but I couldn't get around to it because of my busy schedule with school. Disclaimer: I am no medical professional at least not yet,  am just a pharmacist in training . This is... Continue Reading →

Hair Tag|Meet Faira Mesquita

Meet Faira Mesquita a Naturalist from Mozambique, Africa. 1. Tell us a little about you? My name is Faira, but many english speakers pronouce Fire. I'm not that dangerous and I don't burn, but people say I'm a lot like fire. I have this passion burning inside of me for things that I really love doing. And taking care... Continue Reading →

Meet Shahira Allen|Hair Tag

Meet Shahira Allen from AfroGlory 1. Tell us a little about you? My name is Shahira Allen and I am the woman behind Afro Glory. Afro Glory is a natural hair blog where I enjoy talking about all my hair routines and products in order to keep my hair healthy and to grow! I also like... Continue Reading →

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