Wash Day Routine

I always try to keep my wash days simple but no matter how I try it’s always time-consuming. I wash my hair once in a month protective style or not. You might want to ask why I do that, the reason is that I don’t have that much time within a week to do have... Continue Reading →


Dear Newly Natural Me: One Final Thing

Dear Newly Natural Me, I know you've done the math. I know you know it will take some time to grow your hair out. But, did you know that it takes time to grow your hair out? It takes time to detangle and it takes time to wash. It takes time to dry and time to... Continue Reading →

DIY Shampoo: The Power of African Black Soap

With all the buzz around various chemicals to beware of, the many who gripe of how pricy our natural hair cosmetics seem to become, and the anxiety of testing a new product on your hair while being weary of what it’ll do to your lovely coils, curls, or kinks, I feel that sharing do-it-yourself (DIY)... Continue Reading →

10 Must have Natural hair Tools

 There are a couple of staple tool that is mandatory for all naturals to possess. If you really want to progress as a natural these tools or assessories would go a long way in helping you make the journey easier.. Here are the 8 must have Natural Hair tools: 1.Spray Bottle: We all know the... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Back Away From the Scissors

Dear Newly Natural Me, Scab hair. What is it? What causes it? I'm still not sure. But I am sure that odd section of hair you keep cutting back, hoping it will grow out differently, is definitely not scab hair! Think about it. You haven't seen your natural curl pattern in cough years. How would you... Continue Reading →

My DIY Growth Oil recipe

I am recently on a protective style (faux locs to be precise) and I intend to use it to retain length and grow length as well, cause its great for that. I browsed through tons of YouTube videos and articles looking for growth oil recipes but none of them had any of the products I... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Can’t Nobody Tell You Nothing

Dear Newly Natural Me, Don't shave your head bald. I know it hurts for family to be so constantly disparaging of your choice to go natural, but your hair is not the problem. Getting rid of it will solve nothing. Deep down, you know that. You know it because you've read the testimonies of other... Continue Reading →

Dear Newly Natural Me: Enjoy Every Stage

Dear Newly Natural Me, So, it's just dawned on you it will be years before you have what's generally considered to be long hair. You're stuck with a TWA for who knows how long. Now you're binging YouTube videos on how to style short hair--flowers, bows, hoop earrings. None of that is your style. Sponge... Continue Reading →

 My Love for Nappy Hair

Here are pictures to help change your mind if you feel you can't look good on natural hair, slay an occasion with natural hair and generally stand out... I love natural hair and I love my hair..Nothing beats this hair texture its unique and highly appraised. You should value your hair and show your hair... Continue Reading →

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