7 Benefits of Eating Apples for Breakfast

Apples are antioxidants and possess anti-inflammatory properties. They are regarded as super foods because of their rich nutritional value. Some of this nutrients include ; pectin ,quercetin, boron, Vit. C, phytonutrients amongst many others. Apples are one of the cheapest and readily accessible fruits to find around the world. The unique fact about apples is... Continue Reading →


Meet Shahira Allen|Hair Tag

Meet Shahira Allen from AfroGlory 1. Tell us a little about you? My name is Shahira Allen and I am the woman behind Afro Glory. Afro Glory is a natural hair blog where I enjoy talking about all my hair routines and products in order to keep my hair healthy and to grow! I also like... Continue Reading →

What is Life|Spoken Word Poetry

At times people would wonder what is life? How do we live?, what do we live for? How can we live for the future we don't see? How can we close our eyes and not see the reality? How can we open our eyes to open fantasies? Separate real from unreal fake from mediocres love... Continue Reading →

Here’s Why Diets Don’t Work

Diets work, but not in the way that you think they do. In this post, we look at how people succeed at diets and why the nutritional approach works best

The Hooded Eyed Girls Guide to Applying Eye Makeup

 How to Cover Hooded Eyes or Drooping Eyelid Do you have Chinese eyes? Do you have natural droopy eye lids?  Yea if you are in this category like me you might be finding it hard to apply makeup to suit your eyes.. I have a good news for you. I am here to help you... Continue Reading →

Life Is Like A Short Day 

Life is Time, Time is life and soon it will all be over. Try to take stock of what you have achieved Refuse to waste even a second out of time with things or people that add no signifance to your life, make every minute significant. Invest each passing moment in something worthwhile, no matter... Continue Reading →

Max International- RiboCeine™ Technology| 

How many of you have heard about the Riboceine technology founded by Max International llc. Not many I guess, well i've got you covered. Click here to read post outside wordpress reader. MAX International- The Glutathione Company     Max INTERNATIONAL llc are the world leaders in glutathione technology and research. Glutathione is a compound produced... Continue Reading →

Eco Styler Gel-Olive Oil : Yay or Nay

I took the leverage of trying out this curl defining gel to see If the glories it has received is worthy or otherwise. The Eco styler Gel promises to moisturize the hair and scalp ,tames frizz.. Anti flake, tack and itch also UV protection. I will give this product a 👍👍thumbs up in terms of... Continue Reading →

Me Against All ODDs

Genetics can really toil with my feelings. You keep asking the questions why you inherited the bad genes but you left with no answer, its the law of nature against you.. Standing in front of the mirror you wonder why it will never be perfect. What is the remedy? If magic was real you'd think... Continue Reading →

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