Dear Daddy #talktoGod #TTG series 

Fisayo Adeyemi

​Dear Daddy,

I hope you are fine papa? I know I said hello to you earlier but I decided to write to you.. It’s a privilege knowing you will read my letter because who am I really?

I sit sometimes and wonder what I have done to deserve the amazing treatment I get from you, the fast responses to my request.. Tell me daddy.. How do I say Thank you? Remember the day James was out of breath? I had never been so scared in my life.. My only brother? By 2am? Hospitals rejected him because they said the case was too critical and they didn’t want anybody dying in their hospital? Daddy you saw how scared I was… It was just some hours after I returned from my birthday… Was that going to be your birthday gift to me? I thought…

I remember how I ran and carried a…

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Daily Ramblings – Workout Log

Daily Ramblings...

Today’s workout

Today was a non-lifting day, but still a great day to get in some cardio.

35 minutes Treadmill

35 minutes Elliptical (HIIT)

Cardio is a good way to achieve consistency in a workout but still gives the muscles we worked on Monday and Tuesday a break as they recover and adapt to the stresses placed on them.

I’m going to stick with Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday for my cardio days and will mimic the above until the end of the 12-week shortcut to size workout is completed. I still have this week and next week to complete Phase 2 of the program, with another 4 weeks in phase 3, which is the final phase of this particular weight lifting program.

If you would like access to this or any other of Jim Stoppani’s workouts, simply go to  He offers a 30-day trial on his site, which includes…

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How successful people think: Attack your goal. Attack your dream. Attack SUCCESS.

Brainy Versatility

Motivational Video of the day: Warning you might be INSPIRED. MOTIVATED!

The key to life is preparation. Always be ready for what you are getting into.

Do not talk about it BE ABOUT IT! Be Committed.

Progress=Happiness: Tony Robbins

I WATCHED THIS VIDEO TWICE! That was how powerful and touching it was.

Youtube video credit to Be Inspired. For More Be Inspired Vlogs Visit:

I hope this video got your day started or going. Let us go out there and make ourselves better today. Have the burning desire to make yourself and others a better human being.

Motivate your day. Be Inspired. Make progress each day. BE PATIENT! Be Knowledgeable. Be Adaptive.Brainy Versatility.


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CONTROL YOUR Life: Enjoying the intriguing process of your daily activities.

Brainy Versatility

I always do this. I want to start my day off good. I am thinking positive. But, this video thought me that I have to enjoy the process. No matter, how hard the journey of achieving your goal may be  I have to enjoy the process.

Always try to think positive and just laugh at the situation you feel uncomfortable. JUST TRY IT. YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN. I laugh. I laugh A LOT. People HATE IT But that is just the way I am. It was born with me. I am not laughing at you. I am laughing at the situation. It relieves me from the situation. It redirects my mind ok so how can I find a solution to this.


Youtube Video Credit to Motivational Video. For More Vlogs visit:



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Homemade “Boost Juice”

Just Brittany Moments

I came up with an awesome concoction of something I’d like to call “Boost Juice!”


*2-3 cups of Water

*Chamomile Tea (1 bag)

*Green Tea (2 bags)

*1 dash of Turmeric

*3 cap fulls of ACV

*2-3 tbsp Honey

*1-2 Lemon and/or Orange slices


1. Brew green tea and chamomile tea in my Tea Kettle. Then I transfer the liquid to a bigger container.

2. I then add the Tumeric, ACV, Honey, and squeeze 1-2 slices of lemon/orange juice into the mix.

3. I stir the mixture and let the flavors marinate in the fridge and cool down.

4. Then I pour the juice into my bottle that I take to work and squeeze an extra orange slice into it.

5. Drink up!

It has a nice light citrus flavor with a hint of green tea. I really love this self made “boost juice” because it adds…

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Do you want Exposure for your blog?| Free Reblogs here!

Notice!Notice!Notice! I will be taking a break from my blog  due to semester exams coming up in a week. As a result wouldn't have the time to write posts. I thought of something to keep my blog active while am away. This was it 👇 . Free Reblogs here on °Yeka Would you like to... Continue Reading →

Today’s Art Works

When Angels Fly


lighthouse01may2017_by_mschmidtdesigns-db84izl (1)Colorado-Photography

coloradofoothillsbeforebigsnow29april2017_by_mschmidtdesigns-db7oeq9Mountain Mine – Colorado – Painting

mountain_mine_29april2017_by_mschmidtdesigns-db7oeacBison with Two Calves – Photography – actually very new calves


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Why Aloe Vera for Your Hair

Faira Mesquita

Hey hey!

So tonight we will be talking about the benefits of aloe vera. Now this plant can be used in many ways, like your hair, oral consumption, skin, burns, etc. But right now we will be talking about hair. Awesome! I knooow…

So straight to the benefits.

  • Cleans 
  • Hidrates 
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Maintains your hair’s and your scalp’s pH
  • Dandruff and excessive oil production
  • Has certain enzymes that help adding volume to your hair

It can treat dandruff which targets the scalp by preventing excessive oil production.

Aloe vera has Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and B13 and 20 minerals besides the 18 amino acids and other beneficial substances that aid with your hair’s health, treating the strands profoundly and leaving them stronger and hydrated.

Maybe you are now interested in using it right? I sure hope so. And maybe your next…

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